Wise Guys University

Wise Guys University

Wise Guys University: Quenching your thirst for knowledge

Our mission at Wise Guys University is to provide the Wise Guys customer a continuing adult education of the finest craft beer, wine, and spirits. 

  • Enrollment is FREE
  • Earn a Bachelors, Masters and PhD at your own pace
  • Learn from leaders in the industry and experts in their crafts
  • Get the latest news and specials happening at our Wise Guys stores
  • Receive the Weekly Wise Guy Newsletter
  • Get invitations to Wise Guys University Classes & University Tastings
  • Connect with fellow Wise Guys University student-customers and alumni
  • Get cool Wise Guys University gear as you earn credits towards your degree

What are you waiting for? Sign up, earn credits and get free stuff!

And please remember the Wise Guys University motto: Education in moderation.

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