Snapshot by New Belgium

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Snapshot by New Belgium

Available at Wise Guys $8.99 for a 6 pk nr


Beer Style: Wheat Ale

American Wheat ales are derived from the German Hefeweizen beer. These ales are unfiltered and light in body. Wheat ale flavors often include coriander and banana. American versions can be hoppy like Gumball Head or sweeter like Blue Moon.


Appearance: Very cloudy, lemon-ish yellow, 1/4 inch head

Smell: Smells like a wheat beer with hint of white grapefuit juice

Taste: Standard wheat beer flavor for the base-with coriander. However, Snapshot adds nice tartness, and a (slightly sour) dry finish with some tart green grape.  There are some bitter cascade hops here as well

Mouth-feel: Light bodied, easy drinking

Overall: New Belgium delivers with a nice twist on the wheat beer. This is not a sweet wheat ale like Blue Moon or any of the German Hefe's. This one is a cross between a wheat beer and one with some sour ale characteristics.

Snapshot is a perfect summer time ale and could be a great crossover beer for those interested in sour ales. To me this is similar to a tart version of Summer Shandy.

Nicely done. Snapshot is a new addition to the New Belgium lineup, so check it out!

ABV = 5%



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