October fest by Sam Adams

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 8:56am -- Anonymous (not verified)

Octoberfest by Sam Adams

Available at Wise Guys for $14.99 / 12 pk cans


Beer Style:  Octoberfest/Marzen

In the earlier days of brewing beer it was nearly impossible to brew beer in the summer, (due to spoilage from hotter temps) so brewing ended in March. (Marzen) This beer was refrigerated and the style was condusive to that. Lots of malt flavor.


Appearance:  Reddish-copper, with massive head

Aroma:  Bread, sweet caramel malt with some apple-like fruit flavoring in background

Mouth-feel:  Smooth, light and somewhat creamy

Taste:  Caramel malts, almost no hops, bread dough, no alcohol

Overall:  When it comes to the American version of Octoberfest, this Sam Adams version is the benchmark for which all others are compared.

This beer has not always tasted the same from year to year. I am glad to report that this version is very similar to last year’s--and is quite tasty. It is a delightfully smooth and easy drinking malt-bomb. This is not to be missed for any regular Octoberfest drinker or if you are new to the style. 

Give it a pour, you will not be disappointed.



Beer Guy


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