Lucky Buddha by Lucky Beer

Fri, 08/08/2014 - 6:52am -- Anonymous (not verified)
Lucky Buddha by Lucky Beer
Available at Wise Guys in 6pks for $8.99
Beer Style:  Lager
Description from Beer Advocate:
“Hop flavor is significant and of noble varieties, bitterness is moderate, and both are backed by a solid malt body and sweetish notes from an all-malt base.”
Appearance:  Pours with a one inch-plus head, straw yellow in color with some carbonation
Aroma:  Definitive European hop aromas
Mouthfeel:  Smooth and slick, with a drying finish
Taste:  The European hop aromas are not as present in the flavor. There is a bit of that "skunky" hop flavor found in beers like Corona, Becks, Heineken and the like.
Overall:  I have tried a good deal of Asian brews and this is fairly similar to the others. But it does have some distinct differences.
First, it’s a very light and easy drinking beer. It’s very clean, crisp and refreshing. It's also not as hoppy in flavor as it is in aroma. 
I would recommend this to anyone who likes European pilsners. If you are looking for something different and enjoy imported beers this beer is for you.
(Pretty neat looking bottle too.)
Beer Guy

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