Hoperation Overload by Destihl Brewery

Fri, 05/30/2014 - 10:37am -- Anonymous (not verified)

Hoperation Overload by Destihl Brewery

Available at Wise Guys for $8.99 per 4 pk cans


Beer Style:  Imperial IPA

IPA or India Pale Ales are beers that focus on bitterness and hop profile.  Originally made with extra hops to withstand long sailing trips they have evolved into a "cult" beer style in the USA with many breweries producing them.

Double or Imperial IPA's imply an IPA with additional bitterness and typically more alcohol.


Appearance:  Pours with a nice one inch head, copper in color, nice lacing for an IPA, looks great!

Aroma:  Some vegetative hops (green onion, garlic), pineapple notes, caramel, mango as well

Taste:  Strong vegetative hops, caramel malt is there but faint, mango and pineapple are faintly present.  The vegetative hops present here are similar to those found in other heavy hitting IPA’s where you may get that green onion or garlic flavor 

Mouth-feel:  Smooth at first, but finishes very dry

Overall:  I'm impressed.  This beer reminds me a lot of previous versions of Founder's Devil Dancer which is a Triple IPA.  These HUGE hops hide the alcohol well.  If you like Devil Dancer you should like this as well.



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