Grapefruit Sculpin by Ballast Point Brewing Company

Sun, 03/13/2016 - 8:59pm -- Beer Guy

Grapefruit Sculpin
Ballast Point Brewing Co.
India Pale Ale with grapefruit
7% ABV

Look folks, like it or not, there's a new kid on the beer block and they're about to change the way you think about the age-old elixir we have all come to crave. Last week, region beer geeks, myself included, happily welcomed the arrival of San Diego's award winning Ballast Point Brewing Company to Indiana. (Finally, I know.) Consequently, I have dedicated this installment of the Wise Guys Beer Blog to their famously popular year-round release Grapefruit Sculpin IPA.

Coming in at a dangerously drinkable 7% ABV, Grapefruit Sculpin pours a transparent shade of copper orange with a finger's worth of white head that leaves behind gorgeous lacing after each sip from the glass. A really nice looking brew!

The nose on this beauty is dominated by aromas of fresh grapefruit juice and sweet lemons with underlying hints of indistinguishable juicy tropical fruits. In terms of smell, this is easily one of the more fruit-forward/ tropical brews I've come across. I can only hope this translates to the taste.

I'm thirsty, so let's find out!

A smile sweeps over my face as I find my palate being blasted with much of what I was picking up on the nose. An abundance of pink grapefruit juice and citrusy tangerine notes dance their way to the forefront of my tongue, giving way to a medium-dry finish that features impressions of guava, honey, and crackery malt flavors with a fair amount of bitter hops that are wonderfully intertwined with bitter grapefruit skins. Unbelievable! This brew is absolutely and without a doubt deserved of its world-class rating!

Super crisp. Super juicy. Extremely well-balanced and truly refreshing. Am I missing anything here? I mean, there isn't one thing I'd change about this beer. Cue the applause!

Overall, I'd say that this is a must-try! Sure, this is one of those offerings that unfortunately comes with a higher price tag; however, the old adage "You get what you pay for," absolutely rings true in this case. Trust me, one sip and you'll never look back!


-Beer Guy

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