Farmer's Tan by Southern Tier

Fri, 07/11/2014 - 9:14am -- Anonymous (not verified)

Farmer's Tan by Southern Tier

 Available now for $9.99 per 6pk nr



Beer Style Session:  IPA

IPA or India Pale Ales are beers that focus on bitterness and hop profile.  Originally made with extra hops to withstand long sailing trips they have evolved into a "cult" beer style in the USA with many breweries producing them.  Session IPAs are made with lower alcohol content.


Appearance:  Pours a hazy, honey color with a ½-inch head

Aroma:  Nice citrus hops on the nose, smells like a bigger IPA. Piney, tropical and citrusy hop aromas

Taste:  Grapefruit, spice, lemon zest, green onion hints on the finish

Mouth-feel:  Starts a little creamy, but finishes dry

Overall:  Session IPA's are really doing well these days.  What I like about this one, is the fact that even though the alcohol content is low, the IPA flavors are there.

This session IPA is not as balanced as some of the others as the flavors appear in different places. This is especially true with the green onion notes on the finish.

This is a limited release beer from Southern Tier and is available now at $9.99 per 6pk nr.


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