Blonde Bombshell by Newcastle

Fri, 07/04/2014 - 8:49am -- Anonymous (not verified)

Blonde Bombshell by Newcastle

Availble now at Wise Guys in 12pk nr for $15.99



Beer Style:  Blonde Pale Ale

This style is a hybrid beer, a cross between a blonde ale and an English Pale Ale.  English pale ales are much lighter than the American versions.  Blonde Ales can be similar to lighter wheat ales, with a dry finish.


Appearance:  Pours darker yellow, wit a half inch head

Aroma:  Lemon, grains, and a little wheat

Taste:  I taste some Newcastle Brown as a base in this beer, with some yeast and mild lemon as well

Mouth-feel:  Light, with a dry finish

Overall:  Fans of the English beers will like this.  I am not an expert on English ales but from what I have tasted, they can be somewhat bland as compared to American beers.

The flavor here is fine, as you get both the English Pale Ale flavor and the Blonde Ale flavors in equal doses.

I would expect this to pair well with summertime.



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